MIkukurydza (maize)

MICROnutrients for MACRO

CE fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

 Type E.2.4. Fluid mixture of micronutrients 

A foliar fertiliser for maize, in particular at the beginning of vegetation. It is particularly rich in zinc, a key micronutrient in mineral maize nutrition, and easily available phosphorus. It contains sulphur and silicon, increases plant resistance to pathogens and unfavourable environment. The micronutrients were balanced appropriately, which guarantees effective utilisation of macroelements, stimulation of plant growth and development, and high yield of good quality.

MI KUKURYDZA should be used always when growing maize, in especially in low temperatures, water scarcity, and heavy NPK application. It stimulates development of the root system, and correct deficiencies of micronutrients, in particular zinc, phosphorus, and sulphur. Zinc helps with hormone production, photosynthesis, biosynthesis of proteins, and affects plant health. Molybdenum and sulphur improve efficiency of nitrogen dressing. It contains silicon, which improves nutrient uptake, in particular phosphorus. It strengthens cellular walls and improves disease and abiotic stress resistance.

 Nutrient content: % by weight 

Contains also: phosphorus, sulphur, silicon

 Advanced properties of the fertiliser: 

  • gel formulation,
  • with a chelating agent,
  • high concentration of nutrients, small doses of the fertiliser,
  • easy preparation of working solution,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser and availability of the nutrients,
  • contains silicon (SiO2).

 Indicative dosage: 

 Benefits of using a mineral fertiliser with six micronutrients, silicon, and phosphorus: 

  • prevention of deficiencies of phosphorus and micronutrients, primarily in maize,
  • quick correction of any deficiencies of these nutrients, in particular at the beginning of vegetation,
  • possible supplementation of soil application,
  • improved efficiency of basal dressing, primarily of nitrogen,
  • increased resistance to low temperature and water scarcity,
  • improved plant vigour, condition, and health,
  • increased and better quality yield.


  • bucket 10 liters

Made in Poland (East Europe) for Agrami Afrika Co. Ltd

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