MiedźMI (copper)

MICROnutrients, GREATproperties

CE fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

 Type E.1.3d. Copper chelate 

A mineral foliar fertiliser containing readily available chelated copper. High content of the micronutrient facilitates small dosage. Efficient and economic application. Convenient and safe transport, storage, and application.

MiedźMI is a fertiliser for foliar nutrition of plants, in particular those sensitive to copper deficiency: cereal crops, root crops, legumes, and many species of vegetables and fruit trees and bushes. It is indispensable in intensive plant cultivation and in sandy, organic, and humus-rich soil. Copper participates in synthesis of chlorophyll, numerous enzymes, and vitamin C. It regulates photosynthesis, respiration, and metabolism of nitrogen, lipids, and iron. It improves plant resistance to water scarcity, fungal and bacterial diseases, and low temperature. It is necessary in order to achieve high, good quality yield.

 Nutrient content: % by weight 

1Copper (Cu) EDTA chelate7%

 Advanced properties of the fertiliser: 

  • high concentration of copper, small doses of the fertiliser,
  • chelated copper,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser,
  • high availability of the micronutrient,
  • easy preparation of working solution.

 Indicative dosage: 

 Benefits of using a copper chelate fertiliser: 

  • improved plant resistance to stress such as water scarcity,
  • improved resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases,
  • increased chlorophyll content and rate of photosynthesis,
  • improved protein accumulation,
  • improved cellular wall structure, reduced lodging,
  • increased yield.


  • canister 5 liters
  • canister 10 liters

Made in Poland (East Europe) for AGRAMI AFRIKA COMPANY LIMITED

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