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CE fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

 Type C.1.1 Nitrogen fertiliser solution 

A foliar fertiliser manufactured using nanotechnology. It is intended for use in various agricultural, vegetable, ornamental, and fruit plants. Readily available nitrogen is very beneficial for growth. High copper nanoparticle content creates an environment that may limit development of fungal and bacterial diseases.

NanoMI-Cu may be used for any crops. Ingredients of the fertiliser increase growth rate of plants and their resistance to diseases, reduce pathogen stress, and facilitate reducing application of chemical plant protection products. The fertiliser ensures very good condition of plants, and helps achieve high yield of very good quality.

 Nutrient content: % by weight: 

 Advanced properties of the fertiliser: 

  • macro- and micronutrients and liquid formulation,
  • contains copper nanoparticles (10,000 ppm per 1 kg of the fertiliser), which create an environment with potential of:
    • fungicidal properties,
    • bactericidal properties,
    • virucidal properties,
    • easy preparation of working solution,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser and availability of the nutrients,
  • adjuvant function, improves working solution characteristics and absorption of nutrients.

 Indicative dosage: 

 Benefits of using a nitrogen fertiliser with nanocopper: 

  • improved plant condition and nutrition,
  • beneficial to photosynthesis and chlorophyll and protein biosynthesis,
  • increased resistance to weather-related stress such as low temperature and water scarcity,
  • reduced occurrence of fungal and bacterial diseases,
  • increased, better quality yield,
  • improved storage characteristics of crops


  • bottle 1 litre
  • canister 5 litres

TFRA certificate no 0377

Made in Poland (East Europe) for Agrami Afrika Co. Ltd

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