moMI (molybdenum)

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CE fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

 Type E.1.6d Molybdenum-based fertiliser solution 

A liquid foliar fertiliser with high molybdenum content for agricultural, vegetable, and fruit plants for quick correction of visible and latent symptoms of micronutrient deficiency and their physiological and production repercussions.

MoMI is a liquid foliar fertiliser with high molybdenum content for agricultural, vegetable, and horticultural farming. MoMI contains 100 g of molybdenum in 1 kg of the product. The high concentration of the micronutrient facilitates precise dosing in particular in the case of plants sensitive to molybdenum deficiency such as: oilseed rape, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, salad, peas, beans (agricultural and vegetable crops), clovers, tomatoes, roses, and peaches. Molybdenum regulates nitrogen metabolism in plants. Deficiency of this micronutrient leads to accumulation of large quantities of nitrates, which is detrimental to yield quality and results in lower protein value. Molybdenum regulates phosphorus metabolism in plants as well. It is indispensable in the case of application of large amounts of ammoniacal fertilisers. Availability of molybdenum in soil for crops drops dramatically as its acidity increases. Molybdenum mitigates the toxicity of aluminium ions, and attenuates repercussions of nutrient imbalance in plants.

 Nutrient content: % by weight 

1Molybdenum (Mo), water soluble10%

 Indicative dosage: 

 Benefits of using a molybdenum fertiliser: 

  • improved nitrogen metabolism and protein biosynthesis,
  • good influence on chlorophyll synthesis,
  • increased resistance to stress and diseases,
  • improved plant yield,
  • optimised metabolism of phosphorous and other elements.


  • bottle 1 litre
  • canister 10 litres

TFRA certificate no 0352 (FERT/682460)

Made in Poland (East Europe) for Agrami Afrika Co. Ltd

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