International Organization for Standardization (the abbreviation in all languages is ISO) – an independent, non-governmental, international organization with a membership of 165 (June 2021) national standards bodies.

Since 1947 through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.


ISO membership: Member Body

Polish Committee for Standardization (Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny)

Agrami Sp. z o.o. (LTD) – production in Poland of foliar fertilisers, plant nutrition and water conditioners.

Tanzania, United Republic of

ISO membership: Member Body

Tanzania Bureau of Standards

Headquarter of AGRAMI AFRIKA CO. LTD – importer & distributor (licence No. 4622) of Agrami Sp. z o.o. (LTD) products.

ISO/IEC 17067:2013

ISO/IEC 17067:2013 describes the fundamentals of product certification and provides guidelines for understanding, developing, operating or maintaining certification schemes for products, processes and services.

AGRAMI products certifications

Under ISO/IEC 17067:2013

Guaranteed Quality

Quality of the product is confirmed by an assessment and supervised by an independent certification body. It confirms that the products are manufactured in a repeatable process and used raw materials and components are exceptional.

Example for BorMI

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