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CE fertiliser – liquid mineral compound fertiliser

 Type C.2.3 NP (Mg, S) fertiliser solution 3-15 (5-9) 

MI6 is a liquid compound fertiliser recommended for all agricultural and horticultural applications. When added to water, MI6 changes its colour, which facilitates visual assessment of solution’s pH using the colorimetric scale on the label. The water should turn light raspberry colour, which corresponds to pH of about 5.

 Nutrient content: % by weight 

1Total nitrogen (N)3%
2Ureic nitrogen (N)3%
3Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), water soluble15%
4Total magnesium oxide (MgO)5%
5Total sulphur trioxide (SO3)9%

 Advanced additional properties of MI6: 

  • provides plants with nutrients in a faster and more effective way, and creates the optimum buffer for most tank mixes; it contains magnesium, which is valuable for plants,
  • has a (colorimetric) pH indicator: a simple and quick way to determine whether the optimum properties of the solution have been achieved without complex measuring devices, by changing the colour to light raspberry (pH 4.5–5.5),
  • adjuvant properties: enhances the efficacy of the active ingredient,
  • facilitates mixing, reduces the risk of chemical decomposition of plant protection products,
  • activates plant penetration by the liquid,
  • increases plant resistance to drought and low temperature stress.

The mineral foliar fertiliser MI6 can be successfully used for all agricultural and horticultural applications.

 Indicative dosage: 

50–150 ml of MI6 per 100 I of water.

 Benefits of using a water conditioning fertiliser solution: 

  • source of readily available: nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulphur,
  • improves the quality of water for plant protection,
  • lowers the pH of working solution,
  • facilitates uptake of nutrients and active ingredients into plants,
  • limits detrimental changes and reactions of tank mixes.

 pH scale 


  • bottle 1 litre
  • canister 5 litres

TFRA certificate no 0385

Made in Poland (East Europe) for Agrami Afrika Co. Ltd

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