Tabacco – crop nutrition

Cane dipping/ cane spraying: CynkMI 2l/200l, BorMI 1l/200l, nanoMI 0,2l/200l

1st dose (10-15 DAP): EnergyMIx 1-2l/ha, WapńMInAgCu 1-2l/ha, microMI 0,25-0,5l/ha

2nd dose (30 DAP): CynkMI 0,25-1l/ha, EnergyMIx 1-3l/ha, WapńMInAgCu 1-2l/ha, BorMI 0,5-1l/ha, microMI 0,25-0,5l/ha

3rd dose (55-60 DAP): WapńMInAgCu 1-2l/ha, CynkMI 0,25-1l/ha, BorMI 0,5-1l/ha, microMI 0,25-0,5l/ha, EnergyMIx 1-3l/ha

It is worth adding MI6 and, if necessary, nanoMI or nanoMI-Cu to each treatment.

Tabacco – crop nutrition

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