How to increase the profit from agricultural production?

To function, any organism needs:

  • favorable environment;
  • water;
  • oxygen;
  • the sun;
  • food;
  • minerals.

For plants, minerals provide fertilizers. They need to be supplemented because previous crops have used the resources available in the soil.

Fertilizers can be natural, i.e. from the processing (e.g. compost) of agricultural waste production or metabolic products. Fewer and fewer such fertilizers are used and they are not concentrated.

Chemical fertilizers produced in large factories are either one-component or at most several-component. They are macronutrients. Their use increases the yields at the beginning, while when they are further supplied, but there are no micronutrients in the soil, their effectiveness decreases.

There are also mineral fertilizers. They can be single-component and multi-component. They are manufactured in a high concentration, which facilitates their transport and use in crops.

Such mineral fertilizers are Polish fertilizers from the company Agrami, distributed in Africa by AGRAMI AFRIKA COMPANY LIMITED (Africa written in Swahili, meaning with the letter k).

They are foliar fertilizers, which means they go to plants very effectively. In addition, part of the production is in  nanotechnology , which accelerates the delivery of micronutrients to the cells and thus the correct, fast and effective plant growth and high yields, which “results in” profits for farmers.

In Tanzania, we have a lot of small farms that produce mainly for their own needs and exchange on the local market. The introduction of modern, micronutrient-rich Agrami fertilizers allows these farms to increase production, obtain a net profit exceeding their own needs and thus raise the standard of living and invest in the development of the farm and thus develop.

Example for maize (corn). The highest yields are obtained when fertilizers are applied at a certain point in time until the panicle is visible, when the plant programs how much will produce, and this depends directly on the macronutrients and even more on the micronutrients available at that moment.

Maize at Gonja next to Kilimanjaro

Agrami specialists will help you choose the right fertilizers depending on the type of production and the current condition of the arable soil.

+255 654 111 555

It is the people who make up the strength of the country where they live. If they develop, the whole country grows, it becomes self-sufficient and can earn extra by exporting surplus.

Do not wait, check your Agrami fertilizers.

You can find Agrami fertilizers at many agricultural fairs and exhibitions. For example:

Mbeya 2022.10.11-13

How to increase the profit from agricultural production?
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