AGRAMI fertilizers served with a drone

May 2024, Arusha region in Tanzania. For large crops is convenient and fast to served AGRAMI fertilizers by drone.Clients of AGRAMI AFRIKA already start use this technology, because we have liquid foliar fertilizers with plant nutrition and water conditioners: ▶️ bor MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/single-nutrient-fertilizers/bormi-boron▶️ cynk MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/single-nutrient-fertilizers/cynkmi-zinc▶️ energy MIx https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/energymix▶️ MI 6.1. https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/water-conditioners/mi6-1▶️ micro MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/micromi▶️ MI zboze https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/mizboze-grain▶️ nano MI (Ag) https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/mizboze-grain▶️ […]


bor MI fertilizer for foliar feeding of plants with boron, especially for plants that are particularly sensitive to boron deficiency. cynk MI foliar fertilizer for feeding plants with zinc in the form of chelates. energy MIx universal foliar fertilizer that allows for foliar feeding of plants with both microelements in the form of chelates and macroelements. MI 6.1. foliar […]

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