AGRAMI fertilizers served with a drone

May 2024, Arusha region in Tanzania. For large crops is convenient and fast to served AGRAMI fertilizers by drone.Clients of AGRAMI AFRIKA already start use this technology, because we have liquid foliar fertilizers with plant nutrition and water conditioners: ▶️ bor MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/single-nutrient-fertilizers/bormi-boron▶️ cynk MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/single-nutrient-fertilizers/cynkmi-zinc▶️ energy MIx https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/energymix▶️ MI 6.1. https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/water-conditioners/mi6-1▶️ micro MI https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/micromi▶️ MI zboze https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/mizboze-grain▶️ nano MI (Ag) https://agramiafrika.com/fertilizers/multi-nutrient-fertilizers/mizboze-grain▶️ […]

energyMIx for Tanzania

Liquid, mineral, foliar fertiliser for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit plants. Suspension fertiliser NPK (S) with B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn. The energyMIx foliar fertiliser for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit plants. A proper balance of easily available macro- and micronutrients guarantees the stimulation of plant growth and development, weaker response to water stress and […]

Polagra 2022 Gold Medal for energyMIx

During the POLAGRA PREMIERY 2022 fair in Poland, 13 prizes were awarded in the “Machines, devices and services for agriculture” category. One of them is energyMIx – gel foliar fertiliser with macro and micro nutrients – applicant and producer: AGRAMI. https://www.polagra-premiery.pl/en/news/gold-medals-of-the-mtp-group-polagra-premieres-2022-awarded/ energyMIx – gel foliar fertiliser with macro and micro nutrients energyMIx is a very powerful […]

How to increase the profit from agricultural production?

To function, any organism needs: For plants, minerals provide fertilizers. They need to be supplemented because previous crops have used the resources available in the soil. Fertilizers can be natural, i.e. from the processing (e.g. compost) of agricultural waste production or metabolic products. Fewer and fewer such fertilizers are used and they are not concentrated. […]

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