energyMIx for Tanzania

Liquid, mineral, foliar fertiliser for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit plants.

Suspension fertiliser NPK (S) with B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn.

The energyMIx foliar fertiliser for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit plants. A proper balance of easily available macro- and micronutrients guarantees the stimulation of plant growth and development, weaker response to water stress and thermal stress, increased resistance of the plants to diseases and pests, regeneration of damaged plants, high and good-quality crop yields.

The energyMIx fertiliser should be used at every plantation of agricultural crops and vegetables, as well as in orchards, in particular if root nutrition is impeded. At high-yield plantations, subjected to intensive soil fertilisation, it constitutes an additional source of all essential macro- and micronutrients at a ratio appropriate for the plants. It mitigates the negative impact of low and high temperatures, water shortage and excess, diseases and pests, and intensive chemical plant protection. Nitrogen and other macronutrients intensify plant growth, while micronutrients regulate physiological processes. The fertiliser is excellent for obtaining high, top-quality yields.

Advanced icon 55 energyMIx fertiliser properties:

  • gel formulation;
  • EDTA chelated forms of Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Co;
  • acts as an adjuvant, improves the properties of the spray liquid and the penetration of micronutrients into the plant;
  • high concentration of nutrients, low doses of the fertiliser;
  • easy-to-prepare applied liquid;
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser and bioavailability of nutrients;
  • contains silicon (SiO2) and cobalt (Co).

Benefits of using the NPK (S) icon 55 energyMIx fertiliser, 7 essential micronutrients and silicon:

  • preventing macro- and micronutrient deficiencies in plants;
  • rapid remedy for nutrient deficiencies and their consequences;
  • improved efficiency of basic soil fertilisation;
  • enables decreased levels of soil fertilisation;
  • improved resistance of plants to weather stress;
  • improved condition and health of plants;
  • rapid regeneration of plants after damage (temperature, hail, pests, diseases, plant protection agents);
  • higher yields;
  • better crop quality.

Available energyMIx fertilizer packagings:

  • icon 55 100 ml
  • icon 55 1 litre
  • icon 55 10 litres

Polagra 2022 Gold Medal for energyMIx

Gold Medal of Polagra 2022
for energyMIx
gel foliar fertiliser with macro and micro nutrients
energyMIx for Tanzania

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