Polagra 2022 Gold Medal for energyMIx

During the POLAGRA PREMIERY 2022 fair in Poland, 13 prizes were awarded in the “Machines, devices and services for agriculture” category.

One of them is energyMIxgel foliar fertiliser with macro and micro nutrients – applicant and producer: AGRAMI.


energyMIxgel foliar fertiliser with macro and micro nutrients

energyMIx is a very powerful gel foliar fertilizer with macro- and micro-nutrients. The high concentration of ingredients makes it possible to use very small doses of fertilizer. The gel formulation makes the preparation of the spray easy and guarantees very good solubility of the fertiliser and nutrients absorption.

It is intended for use in agricultural, vegetable and fruit crops. A proper proportion of easily accessible macro- and microelements guarantees:

  • stimulation of plant growth and development;
  • reduced response to water and thermal stress;
  • increased resistance of plants to diseases and pests;
  • regeneration of damaged plants;
  • high yield;
  • good quality crops.

energyMIx, apart from basic macronutrients NPK (S), also contains chelated form of Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Co, as well as silicon and cobalt. Additionally, it acts as an adjuvant, thus improving the properties of the spray and facilitating the penetration of components into the plant.

Polagra 2022 Gold Medal for energyMIx

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